Life Insurance products for every need

A little protection, like a little love, is simply not enough. Just like how you do your utmost for the people you love, we want to provide the best there is in protection. The kind of protection you have grown to expect only from Zurich Insurance – intelligent protection. Insurance that enables you to provide the very best protection for everyone and everything you truly love, at every stage of life. That, in essence, is how we develop our products. We dedicate to you, our Zurich entrepreneurs, a series of hot-selling products that will ensure you a handsome stream of income. 


Young Adults

Young Adults
  • Zurich FlexiLife
  • Zurich FlexiLife Plus (Diversified investment portfolio with Foreign Funds)
  • Zurich TrueLady (Diversified investment portfolio with Foreign Funds)
  • Zurich Omni Health
  • Zurich MegaMed
  • Zurich Max1nvest
  • Zurich Favour8
  • Young Couples
    Young Couples
  • Zurich FlexiLife Plus(Diversified investment portfolio with Foreign Funds)
  • Zurich Omni Health
  • Zurich MegaMed
  • Zurich Max1nvest
  • Zurich Favour8
  • Parents With Children
    Parents With Children
  • Zurich EduStart (Diversified investment portfolio with Foreign Funds)
  • Zurich Omni Health
  • Zurich MegaMed
  • Zurich Max1nvest
  • Zurich Favour8
  • Golden Age
    Golden Age
  • SeniorGold
  • Zurich Omni Health
  • Retirement Years
    Retirement Years
  • Super Fortune Plan
  • Zurich Omni Health
  • Health Plan

    1. Zurich Omni Health

      Zurich Omni Health is a comprehensive medical plan that does more than cover your medical bill. It rewards you just for staying healthy, and gives you incentives to improve on your current health condition.

      • No-claims Bonus gives you 10% cash back on premiums paid.
      • Enjoy premium reduction under Wellness Reward Programme if your current health setbacks such as high cholesterol or obesity improve at the end of the programme.
      • Health Optimiser offers discounts on vaccinations to ensure you stay healthy.
      • Convenience with MiCare MyMed mobile application helps you in locating panel clinics, hospital and more.
      • Cashless facility offers hassle-free hospital admission.

      Omni Health is a standalone non-participating medical plan for anyone between 30 days and 59 years of age.


    2. Zurich MegaMed

      Zurich MegaMed is a unit deducting rider that you can add on to your basic regular premium investment-linked plan for higher medical protection and total peace of mind.

      • High annual limit up to RM2.25 million
      • No lifetime limit* up to age 100
      • Out-patient dengue fever treatment
      • Overseas medical treatment in Singapore**
      • Out-patient kidney dialysis and cancer treatment on as-charged basis.
      • Cashless convenience at local hospitals.
      • International Medical Assistance Programme


      Zurich MegaMed is open for enrollment to anyone between 30 days and 69 years of age.


    Savings Plan

    • Investment-linked
      1. Zurich FlexiLife
        A regular premium investment-linked insurance policy which matures when the insured reaches the age of 100. Get the flexibility to choose the sum assured, premium, and fund selections to match the levels of Protection, Savings and Investment required for every life stage.
      2. Zurich TrueLady
        Specially designed as a single comprehensive policy that evolves and grows to protect a woman’s changing roles and needs, from singlehood to marriage, followed by pregnancy and childbirth, and all the way through motherhood, by taking into consideration what makes her feel secure, at every stage of her life.
      3. Zurich FlexiLife Plus
        A regular premium investment-linked plan thoughtfully created to take into account different life stages, maturing when the life assured reaches the age of 100. Features include Loyalty Bonus, No Lapse Benefit. It also enhances protection at different life events without further underwriting.
      4. Zurich Edge Foreign Funds
        These are funds linked to foreign equity markets for those who desire a diversified investment portfolio with their investment-linked insurance policy.
    • Single Premium

    Zurich Max1nvest
    A single premium investment-linked plan that aims to maximize your investments with a diversified choice of local and foreign funds. It has a high premium allocation with at least 95% going towards investments to optimise your long term goal of wealth creation. Best of all, you can also enjoy the best of both worlds with protection coverage on top of the potential investment gains you will get.

    • Ordinary Life Plan
      1. Super Fortune Plan
        A savings and protection plan that provides peace of mind about your children's education fund, overseas vacation, wealth accumulation & retirement planning. It guarantees Annual Cash Payment, Lump Sum Cash at Maturity, Flexible Premium Payment Term and Death and Total Permanent Disability Coverage.
      2. Zurich Favour8
        Zurich Favour8 is an endowment plan that offers generous guaranteed cash back plus potential returns through its investment feature. You are required to pay premiums for only 8 years but get to enjoy long term cash savings and protection for 20 years.
        • Guaranteed annual cash back from end of first policy year until end of 20th policy year which add up to 120% of the basic sum assured.
        • Guaranteed maturity benefits of 128% of basic sum assured in lump sum payment.
        • Potential gains from investment-linked funds.
        • Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit.


    Golden Age Plan

    1. SeniorGold

      Specially designed for senior citizens aged 50 to 80 years, providing coverage up to 100 years old. With Guaranteed Acceptance and No Medical Check-up required, it provides up to 5 times of the principle sum insured for Accidental Death Benefit with an affordable premium.


    Employee Benefits Plan

    1. Employee First

      A yearly renewable group term life insurance policy that helps you realise your goal of being a responsible and competitive employer. It provides coverage up to 400% more to the plan’s basic sum assured.


    At Zurich, we know needs change with the times. Our ever-increasing line of products reflects the effort we put in to stay relevant in helping our customers protect their loved ones For the latest products or for details on each product listed above, please visit